Show Hours       Saturdays: 10am-4pm  Sunday: 1pm-4pm  Weekdays:  2pm-4pm

Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce will sponsor our 7th annual Arte de los Brazos art show and Sale beginning Saturday, April 1, 2017 and continuing through Saturday, April 8, 2017. Our event will be held at the Chamber of Commerce facilities at Possum Kingdom Lake.  We would like to invite once again members from your club to submit work to be judged in our show and to be offered for sale.
We have continued our commitment to the Arte de los Brazos art show and feel that each year expands our art club involvement and the opportunity to showcase quality art. We will have no entry fee, and only two-dimensional art will be accepted. The work should be pre-juried by the participating art club or guild, and the Arte de los Brazos art committee has the right to reject any entry.  We will follow up with additional information about the Art show, registration and guidelines.
Please notify us by January 16, 2017 of your club’s intention to participate, as well as the name and address/e-mail of a designated member from your organization for contact purposes. You may forward this information to Joy Madden, Coordinator for Arte de los Brazos via e-mail or by phone or text to 940-390-2154.
We look forward to your club’s participation in the Possum Kingdom Lake – Arte de los Brazos 2017.
Joy Madden
Arte de los Brazos Coordinator

Artists Information

Art Show & Sale

Possum Kingdom Lake April 1- 8, 2017